Geotechnical Engineering Investigation Handbook

دستنامه مهندسی ژئوتکنیک

by : Roy E. Hunt
Year : 2005 | Publisher: CRC Press | ISBN: 0849321824, 9780849321825 | Size : 6.8 MB |
Pages : 1066

کتاب مفید و مرجع که جمع آوری نمونه ها، انجام آزمایشات و محدودیت های پایه ای طراحی را شامل میشود. نویسنده این کتاب تجربه 40 ساله خود در این زمینه را بر روی برگهای این کتاب نوشته است

This updated second edition is a comprehensive guide to collecting samples, performing laboratory analysis or in situ characterization, and formulating design criteria based on the results of the analysis. The author relies on his 40 years of professional experience, emphasizing identification and description of the elements of the geologic environment, the data required for analysis and design of the engineering works, the physical and engineering properties of geologic materials, and procuring the data. By using a practical approach to problem solving, the book helps engineers consider geological phenomena in terms of the degree of their hazard and the potential risk of their occurrence.

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