WinDig V2.5
(only 114kb)
Digitize Your Scan Diagrams
* Get bitmaps from a file or from the clipboard
* TWAIN protocol interface, to get bitmaps directly from TWAIN scanners
* Load up to 15 different graphic formats, thanks to a great DLL by Joe C. Oliphant
* Basic bitmap edition functions for small corrections
* Manual or fast automatic curve digitalization mode
* Configurable data format (normal or exponential)
* May handle up to 32767 data
* Save digitized data on file or into the clipboard
* Any axis system allowed, even tilted, rotated or non-orthogonal !
* Automatic search in any of the 4 directions
* Allow also colored curves digitalization
* Zoom window for higher pointing accuracy
* Supports drag and drop
* Full description in a Windows help file
* Save and print the current bitmap
* Print data
* A "grid remove" command, to hide background grids
* Bitmap rotating and stretching
* Undo last digitize
* Data numbering option

New features in version 2.5 :

* New digitize options: upper line, lower line or contour
* Measure and store distances
* Display pixel RGB values in the coordinate window
* Adjustable pen and rubber shape and size
* Load, save and autoload scales definitions
* Edit manually the coordinate transform
* Data integration: let you sum up any linear function of the RGB values
* Save bitmaps in ASCII format
* GIF files no more supported: complain to Unisys (they require payments also for freewares !)
* Load JPEG files with an external library: download the library (311 kb) unzip it, and place WECJLIB.DLL in the WinDIG (or WINDOWS) directory

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