Handbook of Soil Analysis

هندبوك مهندسي خاك

by : Marc Pansu, Jacques Gautheyrou, Inc NetLibrary

Size : 10.1 MB |Published by Springer, 2006 | Pages : 993

کتاب هندبوك خاك، كتاب مرجع و مفيد براي مهندسين عمران و طراحان

This handbook is a reference guide for selecting and carrying out numerous methods of soil analysis. It is written in accordance with analytical standards and quality control approaches.It covers a large body of technical information including protocols, tables, formulae, spectrum models, chromatograms and additional analytical diagrams. The approaches are diverse, from the simplest tests to the most sophisticated determination methods in the physical chemistry of mineralogical and organic structures, available and total elements, soil exchange complex, pesticides and contaminants, trace elements and isotopes.As a basic reference, it will be particularly useful to scientists, engineers, technicians, professors and students, in the areas of soil science , agronomy, earth and environmental sciences as well as in related fields such as analytical chemistry, geology, hydrology, ecology, climatology, civil engineering and industrial activities associated with soil.

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