Hydroblasting and Coating of Steel Structures

by : Andreas W. Momber, David H. Deacon
Year : 2003 | Publisher: Elsevior | ISBN: 185617395X | Size : 5.6 MB | Pages : 216

KEY FEATURES:• This technique is growing in importance.• The first comprehensive book in this subject.A practical and comprehensive account of the technology and applications of hydroblasting, a technique used more and more in the preparation of steel and other surfaces.Steel surfaces will corrode unless they are properly prepared and coated. Such corrosion can have disastrous effects (eg bridge collapse) therefore the preparation of the surface is of major importance.Due to environmental pressure to move away from grit-blasting, high-pressure water can now be used to prepare surfaces, with few environmental costs.This book systematically and critically reviews the state of current hydroblasting technology and its applications. The book is essentially practical in nature and is written by an expert in the field.

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