Introducing 3D Max 9.0 For Beginners

by : Dariush Derakhshani, Randi L. munn

Size : 17 MB


Chapter 1 Basic Concepts
Chapter 2 Your First Max Animation
Chapter 3 The 3ds Max Interface
Chapter 4 Modeling in 3ds Max: Part I
Chapter 5 Modeling in 3ds Max: Part II
Chapter 6 Organic Poly Modeling
Chapter 7 Materials and Mapping
Chapter 8 Introduction to Animation
Chapter 9 Character Studio and IK Animation
Chapter 10 3ds Max Lighting
Chapter 11 3ds Max Rendering

Chapter 12 Particles and Dynamics

[تنها کاربران عضو سايت قادر به مشاهده لينک ها هستند. ]